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Blue Rising Together is a Colorado-based 501c4 organization. We have seen time and again that the deepest problems affecting our young people and their families don't have anything to do with political parties and that the grief and vulnerability that they experience is bared by all Coloradons. We strive for our work to be bipartisan whenever possible because meaningful change happens when we work together to find solutions to the most pressing issues that impact our children, their futures and their quality of life.

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Improving Policy

bridging the gap between those in pain and those in power

Blue Rising Together works to prevent gun and drug-related deaths in Colorado on two fronts: advocacy to improve the laws, policies, and systems that keep our children safe; and education to help youth, parents,  and other leaders manage drug-related risks. Our work is: 


  • Bipartisan: We aim to galvanize common-sense, science-based political action by engaging with lawmakers, activists, and communities on both sides of the aisle. 

  • Grassroots: Parents directly impacted by one of our core issues founded Blue Rising to prevent the suffering of other families and are directly involved in our advocacy and education work. 

  • Data Driven: We follow the science and the evidence to push for policies and practices that save lives.


The structures of the systems we navigate to drive change espouse a desire for regular people to engage and shape policy. The reality is far from that truth. Nothing about the policy-making process is inviting to people that are not paid to do the work, especially grieving families. Policy drafting is inherently intimidating, legislative hearings are held at times when most people work, and the Capitol is not easily accessible. While many families want to make sure what they have experienced does not happen to others, it can be incredibly difficult to share stories of addiction and violence with policymakers through testimony and other forms of engagement. 


Blue Rising works tirelessly to address each of these barriers. We build strong relationships rooted in trust. We walk our network through every step of the process. We intentionally do everything in our power to open up systems, invite others in, and strip away the implied notion that regular people do not have a place in the policy-making process.

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Blue Rising

Blue Rising Together has a sister organization called

Blue Rising. Blue Rising is a Colorado based 501c3 non-profit.

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